About Us

ProNexis was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who recognized the need to bring professionalism, responsiveness and service to the home services industry. This same group of entrepreneurs first started Five Star Painting, one of North America’s largest painting companies which used franchising as a means for expansion. The ProNexis solutions was developed over 10 years providing small business owners with a fully integrated solution for their lead generation, lead management, and lead handling needs. The result led Five Star Painting to become one of the fastest growing companies in Utah, and highest ranked business opportunities in America in the home services industry. In early 2015 ProNexis was spun out of Five Star Franchising as Five Star Painting was sold to the Dwyer Group, one of America’s most trusted brands in the homes services industry. Today, ProNexis provides services to many of America’s top home services brands looking to provide their customers with a superior experience from the moment they interact with each of their locations.