Our Promise

ProNexis was built specifically to support the franchisees of our flagship franchise brand, Five Star Painting. We wanted to create a system and a process that would help our franchisees to stand out from the competition, generate more leads, and most importantly, generate more revenue.

We started to develop an effective digital marketing strategy to drive web traffic to a landing page dedicated to that specific franchise location. That strategy involved SEO, LBL, and PPC. Over the years we continued to tweak and improve the digital marketing strategy. We found that our strategy was blowing away the competition, and our franchisees’ pages were ranking higher and generating more traffic than the big painting brands at that time. But generating leads was only half the battle.

90 percent of phone calls to our call center are answered in 20 seconds or less

Our franchisees are out there working hard to grow their business. Often times they are with clients or coordinating jobs, and they can’t always pick up their phones or quickly respond to web leads. That’s when we decided to build a call center backed by a powerful technology tool that would help us not only answer phones for our franchisees, but also respond to web leads instantly upon receiving them, with the ability to dial from a local number. This was the real game changer. Whether it was answering a phone call within 1 to 2 rings, or responding to a web lead within seconds, we could ensure that Five Star was there for the customer promptly and professionally. We were there as an extension of the brand, converting leads into paying customers. Our speedy response times ensured that the customers would never go to a competitor. Our system also allowed our franchisees to upload leads from a home show, and we would auto dial those individuals to book appointments for them.

In the end, the ProNexis system is a revolutionary lead management tool that allowed our franchisees to convert more leads into appointments, improving their bottom line and also their lifestyle. They didn’t have to worry about answering phones or responding to web leads.