usedby_fsbsDean Hartley
Brand President
Five Star Bath Solutions

“I knew we needed to find a partner who understood franchising and could provide a fully integrated business solution for our franchisees. ProNexis delivers on that promise, handling our lead generation, lead management and estimating software solution. The result has been excellent, providing me with information at my finger tips on our entire system, while giving each owner the necessary tools to provide great customer service and deliver an excellent brand experience.”

fshdChad Jones
Five Star Holiday Decor

“ProNexis was the natural partner with their experience in franchising and working with multi unit brands across North America. ProNexis provided us a software solution that handles all of our customer relationship management needs, including full estimating functionality all the while being fully integrated with lead generation and lead handling systems. The results has been a system gives us the tools to track franchisee unit economics and royalties, and tools that keep our franchisees connected to us.”

City_PublicationsLisa Rowell Thibault
City Publications Franchise Group

“City Publications began a pilot program with ProNexis the beginning of May 2015. We included initially 4 franchisees to test the program and have now added 3 more as of this week due to the early success we are having with the call team at ProNexis. We have struggled due to the nature of our business model with finding consistence callers to set high quality appointments for our franchises in the field and so far we are very impressed with the quality of appointments being made for us through ProNexis. We are on our way to a great partnership with Jason Miller and his team there. Based on my experience with ProNexis since May 2015, I would recommend them as a potential call/sales center for any business looking to increase call volume and set quality appointments for their reps.”

mosquito-squadRob White
Vice President
Outdoor Living Brands

“Mosquito Squad Franchising began a pilot with ProNexis in early April 2015. Raymond Petrulsky and the team at ProNexis have been great partners during this pilot. Not only has their approach, responsiveness, professionalism, and drive toward achieving performance targets been impressive, but the results to date have exceeded the expectations of myself, and the rest of the Mosquito Squad leadership team!”

usedby_fspJason Leber
Brand Manager
Five Star Painting

“At Five Star Painting we test and thoroughly vet all lead sources before rolling them out to our entire system. A few years ago we enlisted the help of ProNexis to manage our websites as well as our overall online presence. Since bringing on ProNexis our average cost per lead continues to drop year over year, our online lead volume continues to rise year over year and our Franchise owners are known all around as having the strongest web presence in their areas. I can say with confidence that ProNexis has quickly become our number one lead source and most valuable marketing resource in the entire Five Star Painting system.”