Lead Conversion

The ProNexis ACS has been proven to increase conversion rates on leads generated by as much as 100%
*Based on a 2 year study on a leading painting service brand

Increasing lead volume does little for your business if you aren’t effectively converting them into a revenue generating opportunity. We maximize the value of your increased lead volume by providing you with proven lead conversion services.

We Are Your Brand

We understand the value of your brand. That’s why we do not act as a mere answering service. We make sure that our agents are a powerful extension of your brand. In addition to receiving extensive training, they are poised, professional and trained on how to get the appointment.

The Challenge

Franchise owners struggle to answer all of their calls as they come in, and fail to respond to web inquiries in a timely manner.
Calls from leads arrive unpredictably and too many calls go to voicemail.
Customer Service Reps are expensive and hard to train.
Call backs often result in a cold lead while other leads are never recontacted.

The Value of ProNexis

  1. ProNexis offers a one-of-a-kind service tailored to franchise owners
  2. ProNexis handles more leads for you, driving up your overall volume of appointments so you can close more work
  3. Answering overflow, evening and weekend calls you can’t handle as they come in and schedule work appointments for you
  4. Broad coverage is offered to capitalize on opportunities presented during weeknights and weekends:
    Monday – Friday, 5:00 am to 9:00 pm MST
    Saturday – Sunday, 8:00 am to 6:00pm MST

How It Works

  • Simple call forwarding process – overflow, evening and weekend calls
  • The agent’s focus is to schedule appointments to maximize the potential revenue value of every lead
  • Capitalize on additional revenue winning opportunities
  • We assist you in processing non-lead related calls as overflow and forward them directly to you or your voicemail
  • The service not only pays for itself, but increases your revenue and profit

Lead Automation

Calling from a local number has proven to increase answer rates by as much as 15%.

Capturing the customer at the peak of their interest is of utmost importance. With our lead automation tools, we capture their information immediately upon submission to your website. Then, within minutes, our technology automatically dials the customer from a local number. This ensures your business will be first in line, in case that customer is shopping around.

If a web lead does not answer on first call, a follow-up system is automatically initiated, including automated outbound calls to link Sales Support with the customer and automated follow-up emails. “Speed to lead” is critical and ProNexis delivers at lightning speed!

Technology Advances

  • We operate in the most current cloud-based telephony environment on the market with high bandwidth connectivity
  • 90 percent of phone calls are answered in 20 seconds or less

What You May Be Missing

The founder of ProNexis called 1,000 service professionals personally – only 20% answered their phone.

Our research shows franchise owners without a CSR answer as few as 20% of their calls. Even with a CSR up to 30% of calls can be missed.

Only 15-20% of calls you receive are from leads. We assist you in processing these calls as overflow and forward them directly to you or your voice mail.

Small business owners who can afford an office manager miss 35% of their phone calls
*ProNexis tracked calls on a sample of business owners over 3 months.

ProNexis leverages local presence technology to always appear local to your customers

  • Outbound calls are masked with a local area code, and appear to be coming from a local number
  • Inbound calls are masked with a local area code and connected to a ProNexis service agent
  • Increase answer rates by as much as 20% through our local presence technology

ProNexis lead conversion services give you freedom for less. Learn how to grow your business, while saving money through our integrated small business solution.

Your Return on Investment

Let’s put it like this. Lets say you are doing everything yourself and getting 200 calls/week. You might answer 80 of those calls which is 40%…. You know what, lets just look at the chart below:

  Yourself Hire a CSR logo_th
Calls/Week 200 200 200
Calls Answered 80 140 180
% of Leads 40 70 90
Appointments Scheduled 14 22 27
Jobs Won 5 8 10

Those numbers are impressive and everything, but lets put it in money terms.

  Yourself Hire a CSR logo_th
Average Job Size $1000 $1000 $1000
Your Costs $0 $2000 $874
Your Revenue $5000 $6000 $9126

Not only is ProNexis cheaper than hiring a CSR, but it can increase your profits by 34%! And if thats not enough, ProNexis can almost DOUBLE your profits from trying to do everything yourself!!