Lead Reporting

img_core-linkWhen a customer has expressed interest in you, ProNexis uses a proprietary customer relation system called CORE to organize and capture their information. Simply put, CORE is what CONNECTS you to your leads.

When you are busy doing other appointments, out of the office, at a baseball game or even sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, our lead management system captures, organizes, and converts your leads into appointments for you.

Maximizing business intelligence is critical to your success. Gathering and analyzing data will help you make the key decisions that will drive your business forward.

With so many marketing options, each metric of data is worth its weight in gold. We capture a wealth of data for your business. Some examples include:

Want a higher return on investment?

For the franchisors, multi-units and manufacturers we serve, we will be able to provide powerful information on how your business is performing in your system, offering you a proven benchmarking tool. It will also help you to become more profitable.


How can I see when appointments are scheduled for me?

ProNexis integrates with Google Calender and notifies you of appointments via email and text.

How do I know where my leads are coming from?

The CORE software solutions that ProNexis provides has fully integrated reporting that will tell you where your leads come from as they come through the system.

How am I notified when appointments are scheduled?

You will be notified of all appointments via email and text.