Who We Serve

Our team has intimate knowledge of franchise brands, multi-unit locations and manufacturers that we go above and beyond to meet your needs.


Whether you’re an emerging franchise brand with 5 locations, or a multinational franchisor with 1,000 locations, we can help your franchisees increase revenue.

Often times, your franchisees are busy working in their business. They might not have the bandwidth to answer the phone or quickly respond to every web lead. Speed to lead is key, especially in a technology driven world.

The ProNexis system will automatically respond to web leads with a live agent within seconds! This will ensure that your brand is the first to reach a potential customer. We can lock them in before they head to the competition.

In addition to improving franchisee performance and validation, ProNexis will help you to increase business intelligence across your franchise system by offering services such as:

  • Real time data on how your system is performing
  • Payment tracking
  • Pricing customization per market
  • Visibility into franchises schedule
  • Customer feedback tools
  • Royalty Reporting
  • Coaching Tools

We can also help you with your franchise development needs, whether it’s finding more qualified franchise candidates, or making sure your development team is focusing on quality prospects. Contact us to learn more about our Franchise Lead Generation and Franchise Lead Qualifying Services.


Multi–Locations running a corporate-owned network lack the resources to adapt to the unique interest of consumers in specific locations. They need insight into what’s happening in their local markets and they need the proper tools to get their message in front of the right consumers at the right time.

With ProNexis, every location will receive products such as:

  • Content Management- We leverage a highly scalable content management system to ensure rapid deployment of content across thousands of discrete locations, and fully optimized mobile versions of every site.
  • Industry Leading SEO- Our on-page and off-page techniques ensure your business gets premiere ranking across major search engines. We increase your credibility of your business by claiming & optimizing your maps profiles.
  • Performance Management- Each and every one of your locations will receive an individualized dashboard, which provides insight into how their website is performing. We track visits, calls and emails so location owners can track return on investment anytime.

Manufacturers, working within Distributed Dealer Networks, often lack the ability to reach the consumer directly with their value, competitive advantages and unique benefits. They need to get a winning message into the hands of customers through a top-notch digital marketing strategy. Getting products in front of the right consumers at the right time is the key to success.

Our services for manufacturers are focused on providing dealers tools to price and manage their customers.

Our services can help your local and regional sales representatives to speed up response times to new leads, and ultimately convert those leads into paying customers. Our services works well for B2C and B2B applications.

  • Sales tools to improve closing
  • Pricing to sell things properly
  • Track lead volume
  • Performance of individual teams

As a fully integrated business solution, we take you from start to finish. No other company does this. We are your leading business solution. We are ProNexis.