Winback Terms

Pronexis will call any estimates that were not marked as sold to be followed up on 2 months after the estimate is given.

Pronexis will call them until we get in contact, and record the outcome, and transfer those that want to move forward with the business.

Pronexis will also include a number of email follow ups to prompt them to call in and book the work.

The winback can be paused at anytime but the fee per month for the service is $100.

Franchisees currently paying $600/month will not have to pay for this upgrade, only if you are paying $500/month.

We recommend including an offer of up to 5% off to incentive instant booking; we will telling customers if they book the work today they will receive a 5% discount on the quote.

The email follow-ups have already have the text for each of 3 emails for follow-up – one after a week, one after 2 weeks and the 3rd and final one after 4 weeks. An email will also go out a year after a quote was completed.

Franchisees may opt in or out of the Follow-up survey that is emailed to customers 3 days after a job is marked paid or completed.