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101 Mobility October Newsletter

Summer is officially over and Fall is in full swing. As the year starts to come to a close, ProNexis is working extra hard to make sure your business doesn’t slow down or stop. 

Temperature drops and colder weather bring their own sense of challenges. That doesn’t mean your business should take a hit. Instead, your business needs to be able to adapt and overcome and that is one of the things being focused on this month.

Take a look at what ProNexis has done to help you grow this month.

September Performance Data

Lead Contact Speed

ProNexis specializes in getting your leads contacted faster than anyone else can.

In September, ProNexis contacted 69% of 101 Mobility’s leads in less than 30 minutes, which is faster than what anyone else can do.

Appointments Set

Month over month, ProNexis continually fills up 101 Mobility’s appointment calendar. This is done by hiring competent sales agents that possess the necessary customer service skills and can convert leads.

By doing this, 101 Mobility saw 28 appointments set for September, which is twice as many as there were in August.


During the month of September ProNexis agents were able to make contact with 23 of 101 Mobility’s leads. The other leads unfortunately were bad leads or had the wrong number 

From those leads, agents were able to convert 22 of them. 

ProNexis works hard every month to make sure you never have to worry about your leads.

Call Center Cubicle

Our call center agents work hard every single day to make sure your company and customers are taken care of. We focus on making sure your leads are contacted quickly so that your money is not being wasted. On top of this, we know that your leads will only convert if they have a good experience, so we train our agents to provide the best customer service possible and give your customers the experience they’ve come to expect.

During September, our agents were able to contact over 12,260 customers company wide. Of those that were contacted, Our stellar agents were able to convert 9,861 of these leads into customers.

We’re extremely proud of everything our agents accomplish and we promise to never stop working to become better.

Raymond Petrulsky
Director of Operations

Technology Talk

At ProNexis, we are constantly focused on improving our technology and lead care. During September, we have updated the following:

  • Integration and growth with Service Minder - Home Clean Heroes and Mosquito Squad have seen continued expansion through Service Minder.
  • API Integration with Thumbtack - Agents can now send and receive messages through Thumbtack messenger.
  • SMS communication optimization - Agents and leads can communicate through SMS messages, giving our agents another route for lead conversion.

Through SMS messages, ProNexis agents are able to reach more people than ever before. In fact, during September, they were able to convert over 175 leads. 

Shane MacKay
Chief Technology Officer

Sales Slice

New Locations

We’re very grateful for you and the trust and referrals that you give our company. Through this trust, we receive new clients and every one of our new clients receive the same service and treatment that you have received.

In the month of September, we are very lucky to have had 34 new companies and brands sign up with ProNexis. We believe we have the best service possible and we thank you for the trust you give us.

ProNexis Trade Shows

One of the ways ProNexis is working to grow is by setting up booths and displays when we visit expos and trade shows. At the beginning of the month, we were able to see some of you at the Neighborly United trade show. For those we did see, we were able to offer the chance to get free appointments through your referrals.

If we weren’t able to see you and you’d like to hear about getting some free appointments, please reach out to me at bfox@pronexis.com or 972-800-0759.

Ben Fox
VP of Business Development

Pronexis is the top lead development platform in the franchised home service industry. We work with some of America's most trusted brands to qualify, advance, and close their incoming prospects.
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