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Our Customer Service Reps

We recruit the best representatives across the nation. All of our representatives are accent neutral, United States citizens. They are tenured, smart, and trained to convert!



Rep Tenure

A lot of companies that have many customer service reps have a hard time keeping them (Industry average is 9 months). This is bad for you and your brand. Experience matters. At ProNexis, our representatives stay with us for several years. Each day they get better at handling your leads and representing your brand.

Smart Reps

We have honed our recruiting to find and hire agents that are educated and quick minded. Many have 4-year degrees.

Sales Focused Reps

We start by hiring people with natural sales abilities. Then, we train them extensively. Reps go through 10+ hours of training BEFORE they ever talk to a customer. This is followed up with daily and weekly trainings to continue to get better and better.

Our Technology

While our agents are the best, what really sets ProNexis apart from anyone is our technology--The ProNexis Lead Machine.

Lead Inhaler

With our Lead Inhaler, we can handle your leads from ANY lead source. Do you get leads emailed to you? You can send those to the Email Ninja, which will slice up the email and create a lead record in our system. Additionally, we are directly connected to many lead producers including Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, and Porch.

Automated Contact System (ACS)

With our ACS we can optimize a contact pattern for you specific to your brand and industry. Typically we set it to outbound dial leads immediately and then follow up with texts (SMS) and emails.

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