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Answer Audit

Have you ever wondered how many calls your company misses?

We can tell you. Something that most companies don't understand is how many of their calls are missed. As companies grows, most customer service teams face two main problems, 1) longer wait times for customers, 2) missed phone calls causing customer tensions to rise. With these long wait times, many phone calls are missed or customers hang up because they are waiting too long. 

We've run this Answer Audit for many of the companies that we work with. Running this report, we've found that most companies only answer, on average, 46% of their phone calls. What that means is companies are missing more than half of their phone calls, more than half of their potential sales.

ProNexis Speed Test will call all the phone numbers in the network at various hours of the day over one week. Then it will produce a report of how many phone calls were taken and how many were missed. All we need to complete this is a list of a company's phone numbers that customers would call to for help.

To give it a try, email us at answeraudit@pronexis.com or give us a call at (855) 970-2671.

Pronexis is the top lead development platform in the franchised home service industry. We work with some of America's most trusted brands to qualify, advance, and close their incoming prospects.
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