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Proof of Excellence

Business Cases


During the five month pilot, the handyman company experienced a 65.06% close rate on all inbound opportunities to do business compared to a 58.77% benchmark for brands whom we also do sales/estimate services


‘During the first year, the insulation company increased conversion on HomeAdvisor leads by 18 percent. This had a net increase in revenue of $277,857.00 when compared to handling the leads themselves. What was even more astonishing was that they increased conversions on leads that came from their website by a whopping 44 percent!’
Mosquito Squad


Mosquito Squad Franchising began a pilot with ProNexis in early April 2015. Raymond Petrulsky and the team at ProNexis have been great partners during this pilot. Not only has their approach, responsiveness, professionalism, and drive toward achieving performance targets been impressive, but the results to date have exceeded the expectations of myself, and the rest of the Mosquito Squad leadership team!
Five Star


ProNexis was the natural partner with their experience in franchising and working with multi unit brands across North America. ProNexis provided us a software solution that handles all of our customer relationship management needs, including full estimating functionality all the while being fully integrated with lead generation and lead handling systems. The results has been a system gives us the tools to track franchisee unit economics and royalties, and tools that keep our franchisees connected to us.
Five Star Bath Solutions


I knew we needed to find a partner who understood franchising and could provide a fully integrated business solution for our franchisees. ProNexis delivers on that promise, handling our lead generation, lead management and estimating software solution. The result has been excellent, providing me with information at my finger tips on our entire system, while giving each owner the necessary tools to provide great customer service and deliver an excellent brand experience


Based on my experience with ProNexis since May 2015, I would recommend them as a potential call/sales center for any business looking to increase call volume and set quality appointments for their reps.


We have been happy with ProNexis lead services for many years. They take all the inbound calls to our network and handle follow up with all of our digital leads, usually within seconds of the lead coming in. We work closely with several other large home service brands who are using other lead handling services, so we know that ProNexis has a conversion rate far above the others.
Senior Helpers Successes with Pronexis


For years, my company was ahead of the national average closure rate at about 35 percent for lead-to-assessment (appointment.) When we contracted with ProNexis, our closure rate jumped to about 58 percent! I've been a huge supporter of their company within the Senior Helpers franchise system.

Sample Calls


“This is Baker." “Hello this is Bob calling from Mosquito Squad. I was just calling because you had requested some information online about mosquito control." [Baker] “Yeah . . . I gotta tell ya, I run a marketing company organization that does lead gen, so I am interested in how long it takes people to respond to things and this mind blowingly fantastic. I just submitted like 30 seconds ago." [Bob] “Oh sorry it took so long."


Shelly: Thank you for calling Five Star Painting. This is Shelly on a recorded line. How can I help you? Hindu: Hi Shelly this is Hindu. I am trying to get a quote on painting our garage. I’m just wondering if you can help me with that. [Shelly] Sure can! I’d be happy to set up an appointment for our estimator to come out and give you a free estimate.


[Kristine] Thank you for calling Five Star Painting, a Neighborly company. This is Kristine and I’m on a recorded line for quality assurance. How can I help you? [] Hi there. I was wanting to get a quote for some interior and exterior paint for a residence. [Kristine] OK. I’d be more than happy to get that scheduled for you.
Pronexis is the top lead development platform in the franchised home service industry. We work with some of America's most trusted brands to qualify, advance, and close their incoming prospects.
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