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Molly Maid September Newsletter

In order to help Molly Maid grow, ProNexis is constantly striving to enhance the tools and products used so that you can be more successful. 

Some of these tools include things like lead conversion through SMS messages, optimized lead generation sites, and quicker talk times and scripts. All of these help find and convert leads making it easier to fill your calendar and help you make money.

By using the best tools and latest technology, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service possible.

August Performance Data

Lead Volume

ProNexis is always looking for new ways to help increase your lead generation and lead volume, and the month of August has been one of continued success. 

In just one month, ProNexis was able to help Molly Maid receive over 2,371 leads! 

This late in the year, it’s good to see the leads continue to pour in. You can always count on ProNexis to work as hard as you do to help your company grow.

"Any time you open a new business there are unknowns and problems to work through. During my onboarding with ProNexis, Nicole and team were fantastic in getting my questions answered and helping me get through any challenges I faced while getting the system up and running. They've been a great partner so far and I'm excited to work with them as I grow my business!"

Phyllis Lynn - Molly Maid of Lubbock

Talk Time 

Something often overlooked by most companies is the length of conversations on the phone. By simply talking for an extra minute on the phone, you take an extra minute from your leads and customers that are waiting. ProNexis works to continually lower talk times so that you don't have to deal with leads losing patience and finding a different company, or customers getting frustrated while waiting on the line.

ProNexis has been focusing on cutting talk times and eliminating wasted time so that your leads are fresh and your customers are happy by the time they get off the phone.

In August, ProNexis was able to shorten Molly Maid’s phone conversations to an average talk time of 4:24.

By focusing on the little things like talk times, you will be able to see a big difference in company success.

Conversions through SMS

ProNexis is always looking to roll out new technology, software, and features to enhance and increase lead volume and conversion rates. One way that was recently rolled out was customer communication through SMS messages.

It is a new feature that the call agents have recently been trained on, but success is starting to consistently come from it.

During August, 10% of Molly Maid’s leads were converted using SMS communication. It’s exciting to see this program move forward and have more success come from it.

ProNexis is always on your side working to help you find lasting success and growth.

Client Success Sector

New Locations

We are happy to announce that during the month of August, we had 51 new companies, brands, and/or franchises sign up with ProNexis.

We believe that we have the best system for helping companies grow and become successful, and so we are always happy to see new companies come on board and watch them grow!

MyProNexis Portal

Have you had a chance to visit the MyProNexis portal yet? 

The MyProNexis portal is a great tool for managing your account with ProNexis. You can update your email address, phone number, or password, as well as research details on individual leads that we have handled for you. 

Check out our article on how to update your contact info! https://support.pronexis.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-do-i-update-my-phone-number-and-email-address"

Nate Baldwin
Client Success Director

Call Center Cubicle

Leads to Customers

Everyday, our hard-working call center agents are answering calls from your customers and responding to your leads that come in so that you can find the success that you were promised when starting with ProNexis. 

While looking through the statistics for the month of August, we were very pleased with what we were able to accomplish last month and this year.

We have surpassed our goals for the month and year. Just in the month of August, our agents took and placed over 12,400 calls. From those calls, they were able to convert 10,373 of them. That’s a lead conversion rate of 84%

On top of that, our agents have been working hard all year long, and we’re happy to say we’ve had one of the most successful years in company history.

This year, our agents took over 500,000 calls from your leads and customers. Over 77,000 of these were potential customers and we were able to convert over 64,0000 of them. That’s a conversion rate of 83%!

For Molly Maid specifically, we were able to set over 631 appointments during the month of August. That means your calls and leads are not going to waste.

With the pandemic shutting down local businesses and franchises, we are extremely proud of what our agents and company have been able to do to help you accomplish your goals.

Raymond Petrulsky
Director of Operations

Sales Slice

COVID-19 is still impacting markets across the world. Different industries have been impacted differently.  

Our friends at DOMO and Thumbtack (along with others) have partnered to create a centralized database that has some very interesting data around the impact COVID-19 has had on the US economy.  

You can explore this tool here: https://www.domo.com/covid19/economy/

I'm sure the pandemic has impacted your market significantly and the uncertainty it has produced has caused many businesses to adjust their inhouse staff set up or even make cuts to headcount. This has caused slower lead response times and poorer customer experience.  

Pronexis is here to support your business through thick and thin. Our agent team is here to answer calls when you're unable and provides the speed to lead and follow up to convert leads at high rates.

If you're already using Pronexis, thank you! If you refer a peer to us and they sign up, ProNexis will waive one month's base fee as a thank you and your peer will have their first month's base fee waived also.  


For details contact me at bfox@pronexis.com | 972-800-0759.

Ben Fox
VP of Business Development

Pronexis is the top lead development platform in the franchised home service industry. We work with some of America's most trusted brands to qualify, advance, and close their incoming prospects.
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