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Window Genie November Newsletter

The month of October was a month of growth. We used this month to improve and grow the ways we are finding leads, contacting leads, and converting leads.

Below, you will find some statistics that we were able to produce for Window Genie.

October Performance Data

Appointments Set

In trying to improve all we do, one of the main areas we focused on for Window Genie was being able to set more appointments for you and fill up your calendar.

In October, the call agents were able to schedule over 89 appointments, which is an 11% improvement from last month.

Lead Conversion Rate

One of the most important keys we are always trying to improve on is the ability to convert every lead we make contact with. That’s why we are always focused on providing the top customer service on every single one of Window Genie’s phone calls.

We’re proud to say that during October, we were able to reach a 91% lead conversion rate for all of Window Genie’s leads!

Call Volume

Here at ProNexis, we try to make your job as easy as possible by taking over customer and lead calls so that you can take care of more important things for your company. Our agents work hard to keep calls short and answer all the calls that come through.

In fact, during October, ProNexis agents answered over 1,000 calls from Window Genie customers and leads. 

Imagine trying to take care of that and run your business.

Call Center Cubicle

I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to our call center agents during the month of October. They have been working extremely hard to make sure all of your customers and leads are being taken care of, answering both. evening and night calls.

And it shows. Last month, ProNexis as a whole was able to achieve a company-wide lead conversion rate of 89%. In terms of numbers, ProNexis agents converted over 4,700 leads for all companies and brands.

Please take the time to reach out and say thank you to these hard workers for all they do!

Raymond Petrulsky
Director of Operations

Sales Slice

Referrals and New Locations

At ProNexis, we do our best to help every single one of our clients grow and become successful. We also try to find more companies that we can help as well.

During October, we had 25 new companies come on board with ProNexis, and we’ve already seen them start to grow. To better be able to find more brands and companies, we ask you to refer companies that you know need help to us.

Throughout the rest of the year, every referral that signs up with us will have their base fee covered up until January 2021. The quicker you join, the more you save.

To receive this offer, contact me at bfox@pronexis.com or 972-800-0759.

Ben Fox
VP of Business Development

Pronexis is the top lead development platform in the franchised home service industry. We work with some of America's most trusted brands to qualify, advance, and close their incoming prospects.
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