Five Star Connect rebrands as ProNexis

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Five Star Connect, located in Spanish Fork, recently announced it would commence all future business operations under the name ProNexis. The ProNexis brand represents the organization’s focus to connect companies to customers highlighted by the tagline “connect with your market.” The ProNexis name developed from the word Nexus, meaning a form of connection. As part of the rebrand the company also released a new website at

“At ProNexis, our vision is to be the world’s leading business support solution, connecting companies to customers,” ProNexis CEO Scott Abbott said.

ProNexis is a fully integrated business solution for the home improvement industry to assist home service professionals, such as painters, plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals, in growing their business by dealing professionally and efficiently with customers.

“We provide a Customer Relationship Management system with estimating capabilities, with lead generation and lead handing built for contractors. Currently you would have to buy each of these services from multiple vendors. And having them all integrate properly is a big challenge,” Abbott said.