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Your business’ success depends on your ability to maximize the number of leads you generate. ProNexis offers expertise in franchising, the home services industry and how to win with a proven digital marketing strategy.

How we improve your lead generation.

ProNexis provides the Search Engine Optimization, Local Business Listing Management, and Pay-Per-Click campaign management that all work together to ensure franchisees have a strong online presence.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Business Listings
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Creation and Management
  • Reporting

ProNexis offers a one-of-a-kind service tailored to franchise owners; answering overflow, evening and weekend calls you can’t handle as they come in and schedule work appointments for you.

How we improve your lead conversion.

The ProNexis ACS has been proven to increase conversion rates on leads generated by as much as 100%

  • Simple call forwarding process
  • Schedule appointments to maximize the potential revenue value of every lead
  • Capitalize on additional revenue winning opportunities
  • Process non-lead related calls and forward them accordingly

Maximizing business intelligence is critical to your success. Gathering and analyzing data will help you as the franchisee, or franchisor, to make the key decisions that will drive your business forward.

How we manage your leads.

When you are busy doing other appointments, out of the office, at a baseball game or even sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, our lead management system captures, organizes, and converts your leads into appointments for you.

  • Proprietary customer relation system
  • Capture, organize, and convert your leads into appointments
  • Marketing options
  • Capture a wealth of data for your business.

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Customer Image
Thomas Vosburg
Franchise Owner
“Let me tell you about my experience with Pronexis. What a weight off my shoulders and so professional! I can actually focus on building instead of being tied to the phones all day!”
Customer Image
Dean Hartley
Brand President
Five Star Bath Solutions
“The result has been excellent, providing me with information at my finger tips on our entire system, while giving each owner the necessary tools to provide great customer service and deliver an excellent brand experience.”
Customer Image
Chad Jones
Brand President
Five Star Holiday Decor
“ProNexis provided us a software solution that handles all of our customer relationship management needs, including full estimating functionality all the while being fully integrated with lead generation and lead handling systems.”
Customer Image
Lisa Rowell Thibault
City Publications Franchise Group
“Based on my experience with Pronexis since May 2015, I would recommend them as a potential call/sales center for any business looking to increase call volume and set quality appointments for their reps.”
Customer Image
Rob White
Vice President
Outdoor Living Brands
“Not only has their approach, responsiveness, professionalism, and drive toward achieving performance targets been impressive, but the results to date have exceeded the expectations of myself, and the rest of the Mosquito Squad leadership team!”
Customer Image
Jason Leber
Brand Manager
Five Star Painting
“ProNexis has quickly become our number one lead source and most valuable marketing resource.”

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